7 Tips for Businesses During Covid19 Lockdown

7 Tips for Businesses During Covid19 Lockdown

The Coronavirus is affecting nearly 80% of businesses around the world and a fifth of them will go bust. It is difficult in theses time to know what to do when you are the business owner with the responsibility to keep your business going and to your staff when all this is over. An estimated two million people will be unemployed after the shutdown is finished, that is why it is so important that businesses are ready to re-start their business as soon as possible. Here are 7 Tips For Businesses During Covid19 Lockdown

7 Tips for Businesses During Covid19 Lockdown

Do Not Stop Marketing

Businesses who were doing well before the Covid19 crisis still have a good business just on pause for now. What are people doing at home right now? Playing with their kids, educating them and DIY but what are they doing once that is over? Yes, getting online. They are looking for goods, looking for your business and if you are still putting information out there you are still in their minds for when this is all over. In the last crash some businesses increased their marketing spend and benefited from that by more that 40% when the crisis was over, they had the jump on their competitors because they were not in front of their customers.

Increase Your Marketing Spend

You can easily keep on top of your social media Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn. If you already use  Google Ads the PPC is now cheaper so keep going you will reach more people for the same amount of money. Think about putting Blogs out there, that will interest your customers as long as it is engaging and interesting you will keep their attention. Think of things you have done in the past re post things that worked that had the most engagements and that sparked conversations.

Don’t Hard Sell

Don’t hard sell to your customers they will switch off. When you push people to buy, they will push back harder and will switch you off from their mind especially if they cannot buy your product their and then.

It is like dangling the carrot that the donkey cannot ever catch until it is rotten.

Use This Time at Home

Use this time at home to look at your business, think about the things that you know need doing but you have not got round to it. The big one is your web site, get its SEO Checked make sure all details are up to date and check they are the same as your details are on Google as this will harm your sites authorisation and how it is seen online. Check you still put up to date information on your site at least once a week so search engines know that you are still operating. Register with Google Analytics to keep in touch how your web site is doing in the big wide world.

Reach Out

Reach out to your customers via e-mail just to see how they are doing but don’t do the big sell. If you know something about birthdays or a holiday, they were going to go on mention it and give them the personal touch it will go a long way and will keep you in their minds.

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Do Not Cut Your Prices.

Do not cut your prices, it smells of desperation and will do your business no good less profit margin in uncertain times will not help. Give more value to your product instead of a free month trial give them 2, give them a free e-book, a free advert for a week but do not cut your prices. When times are hard reducing your prices looks a good idea but if your customers are looking for your product it looks like desperation and will not do your balance sheet any good in the long run. Hold your nerve.

Think Ahead

Now is a bad time for all of us but think ahead when it returns to normal (how ever that might be) and you and your business is ready to take off again. And it will life will go on and you will go on look ahead and be positive do not get dragged down.

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 “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

  • Benjamin Franklin

The world will carry on in the future, we will still be here working buying keep the faith and look forward.

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