Coronavirus and visiting the South West

Coronavirus and visiting the South West

We recognise it’s been a difficult few weeks for the world and a lot of people in our local community are going to need support through this time. Uncertainty and anxiety have been unwelcome guests for Britain for far too long.

With Government guide lines changing every day as this virus grows, we must listen and act together as one to fight this pandemic.

As numbers in the capital grow with infections to the virus, more and more people are travelling to the South West.

The Coronavirus is spreading throughout the UK at great speed, we should be doing as much as we can to stay at home and by social-distancing we will all beat this virus

Coronavirus Simply Explained

We in the South West of England see lots of people from London and other areas of the country coming down and enjoying our beaches and country side, we would love to see you, but now is not the right time.

Please, Please, Please stay at home. If we all do this NOW then we can beat this and we would love to see you all after this pandemic is over.

After all we do need your business.

We Miss You!

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