Help Support Promote Devon Businesses

Help Support Promote Devon Businesses

Our primary focus is to help support promote small business owners in Devon and find innovative ways to fuel innovation and drive business growth. By generating new business through our collective community, we create jobs for local people and help the local economy. Then, we provide strategy and support to sustain that digital growth to help small businesses become bigger and more stable enterprises.

Help Support Promote Devon Businesses

Devon is world-class by nature, with an economy bigger than Bristol (valued at over £17 billion) and the second most visited county in the UK. We received over 24 million overnight visitors last year, who spent over £2.5 billion in our local economy. Yet most small businesses in Devon are behind the digital curve, we’re looking to help those businesses find customers, employees and each other through skills transfer and support. Therefore, we’re primarily focussed on serving the Devon area, but watch this space, as we grow we’ve got plans to move into the surrounding areas and help small businesses throughout the UK to unleash their potential.

Local Shopper

All this talk of Yellow Trumpet may have you wondering who we are and what we do; why should your business sign up or why, as a local shopper, should you be sharing your opinions with our online community?

The truth is, there are so many reasons why the local community benefits from Yellow Trumpet, whether you’re a local looking to support the small businesses in the area, or you’re a business trying to reach more Devon residents. We are the bridge between the two communities, and here are the key benefits you can both enjoy when you use Yellow Trumpet:

Businesses Online Presence

For today’s businesses, having an online presence is vital to success. But how can you build online authority when you have budget constraints? One of the key strategies of effective search engine optimisation (SEO) is building the amount (and quality) of links directing to your website. The more links you obtain, the higher your site is ranked in terms of its authority, and the higher you appear in Google searches.

Many, digital-savvy companies will use relevant directory sites as a way of obtaining these links for affordable prices. For example, you can join Yellow Trumpet for as little as £75 per month! The thing is, Google places a certain value on the types of links coming in; the more relevant to your business, the better! That’s why a local directory with defined categories, which is always growing in authority, will benefit your website SEO in the long-run. Directory listings will also help to associate your website with all the right keywords your customers are searching.

What’s more, with directory sites that engage users, you can gain brand awareness with the right audience. Let’s put it this way: each Yellow Trumpet user is a potential customer that you can connect with and convert.

Working From Home

Local Businesses

For any local business, reputation is essential, and Yellow Trumpet can help to develop your standing within the local community. Times have changed, and many people now turn to online platforms to get information on businesses within specific fields, and will most likely compare them. Nowadays, it’s all about credibility. Reviews help to demonstrate trust in your business, and studies show that peers will profoundly influence your customers.

Encouraging Reviews

Encouraging reviews across multiple platforms will show customers why they should opt for your business. Additionally, it demonstrates to

why your business should be listed above your competitors, therefore, helping to build the authority of your website and brand presence online. The logic also works offline too, with positive recommendations coming in, Yellow Trumpet can be a means of your word of mouth marketing. You can also use the best recommendations as part of offline and online marketing such as social media posts or posters, for example.

For customers, you have one easy-to-use platform to read through the reviews and make an informed decision about which business to go with. You can also engage with the businesses via your Yellow Trumpet reviews. Get your voice heard to showcase what you love about local businesses or highlight some areas for improvement. You can help to shape the local businesses you use every day, while also getting a chance to win prizes for your feedback!

Support Local People

Support Local People

We’ll continue to support local people with our guides, features, news and interviews. We pride ourselves on keeping our blog up-to-date with the latest and greatest local events; getting to know the local business owners; helpful marketing tips and Devon lifestyle inspiration.

The great thing about our content is that you can use it to plan for your business or personal life. You can even share our content as part of your social plans, whether you want to inform friends, family or your customers.

As a business, you have the opportunity to write blogs that we will feature on our blog. Or, if you need our help, we can write engaging copy for you. Each one serves as a way to connect, share and promote yourself to the local community.

Yellow Trumpet will provide you with dynamic, interesting and quality content that truly benefits its readers. Because that’s what they deserve!

You can sign up to use Yellow Trumpet today as a recommender or a business. Simply follow our simple registration process to get started. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us! We love to hear from you.

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The world will carry on in the future, we will still be here working buying keep the faith and look forward.

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