Why are Reviews Important for Local Search?

Why are Reviews Important for Local Search?

Whether your small, local business is listed on Google, has a Facebook profile or even a website boosted with SEO tried-and-tested strategies, you may be wondering why you are not gaining the results you want or expected. If business is going well (congratulations), this guide will still be useful by showing you why review building is crucial to a strong marketing plan. Why are Reviews Important for Local Search? | Yellow Trumpet

Why are Reviews Important for Local Search? Whatever strategies you’re using as a local Devon business, we’ll show you why reviews are an essential part of your local marketing strategy and why Yellow Trumpet should be a key player within it. We’ll also cover how and where you should be looking to get reviews and how to direct your customers there to praise you (like they should!).

What is Local Search (Local SEO)?

Local search is the focus of search engines to offer solutions based on the location of a user. That’s why you’ll see top suggestions for businesses within local distances to where you are currently located.

Google is helping to send them your way (especially when you use location-specific terms, something which we will go into more detail on in another business guide for you).

Why are Reviews Important for my Local Business?

Whether you’re managing your own website and social media platforms or you are employing a third-party service to do so, you know the results from these platforms can take a while to come to fulfilment. Of course.They are vital and must be continually pursued, but the great thing about reviews is that it’s an instant validation of the value of your business, products and services, for both consumers and Google’s bots.

As more and more users turn to their smartphones as a more accessible means of searching, they can perform all the tasks they need to make a decision about you.:Such as visit your site and social media accounts, as well as see what people are saying about you.

Many consumer studies highlight how reviews drive the majority of customer purchase decisions. One example from Brightlocal shows that 93% of the customers they surveyed read reviews before committing to their purchase. While 85% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a loved one! To add, 73% of people said they needed positive reviews in order to trust a business. You only have to do a search online to find all the data that supports the importance of reviews for customer decision-making.

From Moz’s 2017 Local Search Ranking Factor guidelines, reviews account for roughly 10% of the ranking factors of Google rankings, which in laymen terms means reviews can help you appear higher in Google searches. Customer reviews (across a range of platforms) can equate to 13% of the driving factors of your visibility on the initial local pack i.e. the top local suggestions.

Great things about reviews

The great thing about reviews is that they can also help your website to rank well organically because customers will naturally use the key phrases within their content. For example, [Name] says, “ Yellow Trumpet is the best local review site. It helps me find out more about businesses in the area, and I always consult it before buying anything locally.” (not blowing our own trumpet or anything with this example!).This is why are reviews Important for Local Search.

Local business reviews need to be one of the main priorities in your digital marketing strategy. Why? Because they have the power to convince or put off a potential customer buying from you, and with something that is relatively out of your control. It’s worth helping in every way you can to make sure that good opinions are being voiced in the online sphere for all to see. (Note, no reviews are just as bad as negatives).

Where Should I Get Reviews?

A smart strategy when it comes to reviews is not to limit yourself to one platform, for two key reasons:

The more quality links pointing to your website, the more authority your website will gain, and the higher it will appear in searches.Gaining reviews across a range of respectable review sites help to build brand reputation by showcasing how good you are (from a user perspective and in Google’s eyes). A valid and useful point, whether you have a website or not.

Firstly, you should be looking to gain reviews on Google to help them recognise user’s recommendations of your products and services for relatable search terms. Google reviews will also appear when people search for your brand, with a star rating offering consumers a quick way to judge whether your business is, simply, good or not.

Facebook and LinkedIn recommendations will also help to cement brand reputation when people look at your social media profile for your latest updates. Because many people are on social media already, this can be a great place to capture potential clients. Recommendations are also shareable/visible with the reviewer’s friends, helping to expand your reach to a broader network.

Industry and local-specific review sites can also be a good place for you to generate reviews as this is where people will look when they know what services/products they want and need a place to compare options easily.

As a locally-based directory and review site, the format and structure of Yellow Trumpet is positioned to offer all the viable options (within Devon) for a specific search. Therefore, it will rank highly in local searches because it’s an expert website that supplies all the solutions to the user in one place. Yellow Trumpet also helps small businesses in the area by positioning itself as a local-comes-first community, rejecting submissions from large corporations operating in the region

How Do I Encourage Customers to Review my Business?

Reviews are notoriously hard to obtain, even if your customers tell you how much they love you; you, therefore, need be proactive about receiving reviews, and make it easy for your people to review you.

If you have a list of subscribers, then consider sending out an email to encourage more reviews especially after they have made a purchase with you. Or simply edit your signature strip to include the links out to your review sites so that customers can easily access them every time you have correspondence with them. You could also include links or logos for review sites on business cards, posters or other forms of print marketing. Additionally, consider leaving reviews for businesses that supply your own; chances are they will reciprocate the goodwill. Consider using Yellow Trumpet as a key platform, also. We run monthly competitions to incentivise customers by rewarding them for their opinions and helping to support local businesses like yours.

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